Solar Rooftop

Having a rooftop solar system for electricity generation for your house or office is a caring gesture towards mother earth as well as your wallet because the solar systems compensate for their own cost and start making profit in just a few years. The cost of these systems has also fallen significantly.

Solar Rooftop Systems are the future of electricity generation and the future of rooftop solar systems is Surya Solar and Waters.

Solar Rooftop System by Surya Solar and Waters is a one-stop solution to your lengthy electricity bills as you are producing some or all of your electricity with your rooftop solar panels.

At Surya Solar and Waters, we bring the ease in opting for Solar Rooftop Systems. We analyse your house for its strength, availability of shadow-free area and other factors that may contribute to the functioning of the systems. We then handle all the permits and paperwork required for the installation. Only then, we set up the systems so you can start harvesting the sunlight in the form of electricity for your home.

How we work

  • 1. Surveying And Consulting

    First, we survey the site or home for the space, that how much spacing is required for the installation of rooftop.

  • 2. Direction of Solar Panel

    The performance of the solar panels depends upon the direction in which these panels are placed. The best direction to face solar panels is south since here they receive the maximum sunlight.

  • 3. Assemble of Solar Panels

    Once the solar structure is fixed accurately, we will connect it with solar modules. We should ensure that all nuts and bolts of solar modules are fixed with solar structure so that it is properly secured and lasts long.

  • 4. Connection between Solar Panel and Solar Inverter

    There are other connections too like battery wire connection and output wire connection with the inverter. In all, Solar panels, Solar Battery and Grid input are connected with the solar inverter to produce electricity.

  • 5. Connection between Solar Inverter and Grid and start Solar Inverter

    In order to connect the inverter to the grid simply plug it in in the main power switchboard, so that it gets power from the grid. The output wire is also connected with the board that is supplying electricity at home.


Why choose Surya Solar and Waters to get SUN plugged?

Immediate savings on your electricity bills

Protection from future hikes in electricity costs.

Low maintenance cost

Lower carbon footprints