Storage Gas Geyser

When you are looking forward to cut short your electricity bills and the at the same time you want your water heating needs to be fulfilled then you should consider switching to Surya’s Storage Gas Geyser.

This branded storage gas geyser is the most simplest and convenient way to warm the water in both residential and commercial buildings.

Developed with a strong build design and built manufactured with supreme quality raw materials, this amazing gas geyser by Surya is sure to give you a decent maintenance-free performance with the help of its advanced features like overheat protection, automotive ignition system, flame failure protection mechanism and more.

On the whole, with its elegant as well as attractive design body and A-grade performance this ultra-modern storage gas geyser wins hearts wherever it finds itself a home.

How we work

  • 1. Sufficient space

    We ensure that there is sufficient space available for the geyser. The area or space must be under the size of the geyser.

  • 2. height from the ground

    The geyser unit must be installed at the correct height from the ground. To ensure safety, geyser should be fitted away from wet and damp areas like bathtubs and shower areas.

  • 3. Firm wall structure

    For the correct and firm installation of geyser, it is very important to prepare the wall suitably. Firstly, a wall plate or frame is fixed on the wall and then geyser is installed on the plate.

  • 4. Unblocked water pipes

    Before geyser installation, we get checked for any blockage. We make sure that the pipes are clean and clog-free for smooth water flow.

  • 5. Safe Connections

    When making the connections for the gas geyser, we make sure that the supply has the proper protection.


Easy to Install and Operate

Maintenance-free performance

Optimum fuel efficiency

Built to last

Automatic Controls

High Safety Standards

Best quality raw materials

Product Features

Fully automatic auto-ignition system

Flame failure protection mechanism for highest safety

World-class silent stainless steel burner

Low-pressure burner designed specifically to ensure optimum fuel efficiency

Digital Temperature indicator and controller

Gas indication is available anywhere with musical alarm

The boiler can be easily operated at the hotel reception counter

India’s only gas boiler with quality stainless steel/ mild steel inner tank, 8 bar pressure tested

Temperature indicator dial gauge ranging from 0°C to 200° C  degree

230 V. AC (80 Watts) supply for controls only