Utility-Scale Projects

At Surya Solar and Waters, we provide engineering services and implementation of Solar Power Plants using the EPC (engineering – procurement – construction) approach.

Our team collectively has 2 GWp of Solar PV project delivery.

Total Installed Capacity

27 MWp

Asha Group - 8 MWp

Lambha Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. - 11 MWp

Krupa Power - 9 MWp

How we work

  • 1. Mounting solar collectors on the roof

    The first step that you need to follow for installing a solar water heater at home is to mount solar collectors on the roof.  It is important not to make many roof penetrations during this process.

  • 2. Install storage tank

    The next step to follow is to install the storage tank. For this, we need to first place the solar storage tank near the conventional water heater.

  • 3. Install the piping and pump

    Now the next step for installing a solar water heater is to install the piping and the pump.  For this first, we need to assemble the entire glycol loop without the solder and solder the entire loop.

  • 4. Install the controls

    After this, we must install the controls. The differential controller must be installed so as the sense the temperature difference between the glycol at the top and the water at the bottom of the solar storage tank.

  • 5. Insulate water and glycol lines

    The final and last step is to insulate water and the glycol lines. This can be done by using standard foam pipe insulation.  Duct tape can be used for all the joints.


Micro channel heat exchanger

Glass enamel tank

Eco friendly refrigerant

High COP

Panasonic Special compressor

Low Noise

Steel cored advanced anode rod protection

360◦ insulation

Hot water return line pump

User friendly controller

Suitable for low temperature environment